Welcome to Clemson Computational Biophysics Lab

We are a theoretical and computational biophysics group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Clemson University, College of Science. We apply concepts and methods in Physics, especially Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, to study biological systems, and try to learn new physics emerging from the complex systems. The major theme throughout our research is to integrate dynamics into the study of structure-function relationship of biomolecules and molecular complexes. We believe that uncovering the interrelationship between structure, dynamics, and function of biomolecules can help better understand biology and human diseases, and accelerate biomedical research.

Our research focus is multiscale modeling of biomolecules and molecular complexes. Experimental characterization of biological systems is often hindered by the limited ability to cover a wide range of time and length scales, associated with many biological processes. Multiscale modeling, which innovatively combines atomistic and coarse-grained simulations, provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gaps of time and length scales between experimental observation and underlying molecular systems. We apply the multiscale modeling approach to study structure, dynamics, and function of large biomolecules, formation of molecular complexes, and also interactions between nanomaterials and biological systems.

We are always interested in enthusiastic colleagues to join our lab.