1. Perl 5 by example
  2. Effective Awk Programming Language
  3. SED & AWK
  4. VI
  5. Numerical Recipes
  6. A great JAVA Tutorial and Resource Site
  7. C++ reference: cplusplus.com
  8. C++ reference: cppreference.com
  9. Introduction to Bash Programming
  10. Introduction to C shell – a Chinese version

  1. Misc tricks
  2. Guoan Hu’s HomePage
  3. Computer Books!

Other Tools

To predict a protein’s possible hinge region of domain-swapping: H-predictor . Experience the folding of your favorite protein using iFold . Want to know the potential stability change with a given mutation before a tedious experiment? You can use eris . What is the 3D structure of your RNA molecule? (accurate for RNA smaller than 50 nt): iFoldRna . …

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