If you would like to join the group as an undergraduate or graduate member, please contact the PI via email (fding@clemson.edu). Prospective graduate students need to go through the departmental application process and be officially admitted to the graduate program, before they can start working in the lab. However, you are always encouraged to contact the PI early in the application process.

Currently, we have an opening for a postdoctoral fellow. A qualified candidate is required to have a PhD degree in physical sciences and have published original research works in reputed scientific journals. We welcome enthusiastic individuals, who are knowledgeable in statistical physics, molecular biophysics and structural bioinformatics, skilled in computational structure biology, and experienced with computational methodology development and supercomputing, to apply. Parallel programming experience will be a plus. To apply for the position, please prepare CV, a brief research statement (1-2 pages summarizing research achievements and potential research interests in the Ding research laboratory), and a list of at least two references.

Thank you for your interests in our computational biophysics research.