Modeling RNA 3D structure using experimental constraints

RNA structure determination is one of the major challenges in structural biology. Many RNAs are not amenable to high-resolution structure characterization by either x-ray or NMR methods because of their conformational flexibility or large size. Recently, novel computational methods to determine RNA structures have begun to emerge, but have often been limited to small RNAs with simple topologies due to either sampling problems or inaccuracy in force field. We developed a discrete molecular dynamics (DMD)-based RNA modeling approach, which allowed robust recapitulation of 3D structure of small RNA structures (< 50 nts). To fold large RNAs with complex 3D structures, we proposed to incorporate experimentally-derived structural information into modeling. Using various types experimentally-derived structural information to bias DMD simulations, we were able to recapitulate 3D structure of RNAs with complex topologies and lengths up to 230 nts. We expect a broad application of our experimentally-driven RNA modeling approach for generating robust structural hypotheses that are useful for guiding explorations of structure-function relationships in RNA.


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